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Phoenix House is an addiction treatment center in New Hampshire. It’s part of a larger network of rehab centers operating in states like New York, Texas, and California, making it a national rehab organization. Phoenix House in New Hampshire follows similar practices to other Phoenix House rehab centers but with some differences and unique programs tailored to the local community’s needs.

Phoenix House in New Hampshire stands out among alcohol rehabs for its comprehensive approach to treatment, which includes support for individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders. With a diverse range of evidence-based programs and a dedicated team of professionals, we highly recommend Phoenix House for alcoholism treatment in New Hampshire.

While Phoenix House also treats other types of addictions and mental health disorders, it offers alcoholism-specific programs. These programs focus on therapy, the 12-Steps, and group therapy. Some detox options may also be available depending on the severity of addiction and withdrawal.

  • Telehealth
  • Alcohol detox with medications like Acamprosate
  • Peer support
  • 12-Step Principles
  • Transitional treatment for alcoholism
  • Pete Mumma: President & CEO of Phoenix House New England since April 2019. Before joining Phoenix House, he served as System Director of Psychiatry, Behavioral Health, Addiction Medicine, and Palliative Care at LifeBridge Health. Pete has held various executive leadership positions, including roles at Penn Medicine/Lancaster General Health and The Oaks Behavioral Heath Hospital. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Goucher College, a Master of Science in applied psychology from the University of Baltimore, and a Master of Business Administration in healthcare management from York College of Pennsylvania.
  • Pamela Ryan: Chief Human Resources Officer with over 20 years of experience, has led workforce initiatives, organizational development, and training for healthcare, banking, and financial services firms. She holds a B.A. from Rhode Island College and a J.D. from The Massachusetts School of Law. Pamela is a resident of Lincoln, Rhode Island.
  • Shorey Dow: Assistant Vice President of Strategic Quality Optimization at Phoenix House New England, overseeing the New Hampshire region. She holds a Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College and has maintained her License as a Mental Health Counselor across four states where Phoenix House operates. Shorey began her career with Phoenix House in 2005 and has advanced through various clinical roles, including counselor, Clinical Director of Phoenix House Springfield Center, and her current position as Assistant Vice President. She has previous experience as a School Adjustment Counselor and Clinical Supervisor for a foster care agency. Shorey is committed to maintaining high standards and developing innovative clinical programming.
  1. Outpatient: Weekly Basis
  2. Telehealth: Weekly Basis
  3. Sober Living: 6 months to 2 years
  4. Residential Inpatient: 60-90 days
  5. RISE Program: 3-24 months
  • California
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • Metro D.C. (Maryland)
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Virginia does its best to bring you high-quality reviews of alcohol rehab treatment centers across the United States. Here, we’re focusing on Phoenix House and its various alcoholism rehab programs. While there are also treatments for other substance abuse disorders, we only focus on alcoholism for our review.

Why We Like Phoenix House

Phoenix House in New Hampshire provides a supportive and compassionate environment for men and women seeking treatment for alcoholism. The center offers an array of programs designed to address the unique needs of each individual, including gender-specific treatment options and support for those with co-occurring mental health disorders. This comprehensive approach allows for a more personalized and effective recovery experience.

Another aspect we appreciate about Phoenix House New Hampshire is its commitment to evidence-based practices, which ensure that clients receive the most effective and up-to-date treatment methods. The center’s focus on peer support and 12-Step principles also promotes a strong sense of community and accountability, essential elements for long-term recovery.

Finally, the availability of telehealth services and other outpatient treatment options make Phoenix House New Hampshire accessible to individuals with busy schedules or those who cannot commit to long-term residential treatment.

Things to Consider About Phoenix House

While Phoenix House New Hampshire offers an excellent alcohol rehab program, it may not be the ideal fit for everyone. The center’s gender-specific treatment options are tailored to male and female clients, which may not provide the same level of care for individuals of other genders.

Additionally, the center’s client base may include individuals coming from the criminal justice system or those who have struggled with sobriety in the past. While this can create a diverse and supportive community, some individuals may prefer a different environment for their recovery journey.

Who is the best Fit For Phoenix House’s Alcoholism Program?

Phoenix House New Hampshire is an excellent choice for men and women seeking comprehensive treatment for alcoholism. The center’s evidence-based approach and gender-specific programs provide targeted support for individuals who are committed to overcoming their addiction. Phoenix House is particularly well-suited for those who have struggled with sobriety in the past or are navigating the challenges of the criminal justice system.

Additionally, Phoenix House New Hampshire is a suitable option for individuals who require telehealth services or other outpatient treatment modalities due to their busy schedules or inability to commit to long-term residential care. The center’s wide range of programs and flexible options make it an ideal choice for those seeking accessible, personalized treatment for alcoholism.


– Comprehensive and evidence-based treatment programs

– Gender-specific treatments for men and women

– Telehealth services and other outpatient treatment options

– Accepts Medicaid and other low-cost payment methods


– Gender-specific treatments may not provide the same level of care for individuals of other genders

– The diverse client base, including individuals from the criminal justice system, may not be suitable for all clients

In conclusion, Phoenix House New Hampshire offers a comprehensive and supportive environment for individuals seeking alcoholism treatment. With a focus on evidence-based practices, gender-specific programming, and flexible treatment options, the center provides personalized care tailored to the unique needs of each client. While there are certain factors to consider, Phoenix House New Hampshire remains a top choice for alcohol rehab in the region.