Best 9 Alcohol Treatment Rehab Centers in Maine

Author: Thomas Roth

Last Updated: 02/02/2023

Maine is one of the Northernmost states in the United States. Located on the East Coast, Maine is known for fishing, its gorgeous state parks, and being the end of the Appalachian trail. When it comes to population, Maine has a total of 1.3 million, which is on the low side compared to the rest of the United States. Therefore, finding the best alcohol rehabs isn’t always easy unless you know where to look.

The good news is that has you covered. We’ll take you through the best alcohol rehabs in Maine and provide you with details about the treatments provided at each one. All of the alcohol rehabs we’ve selected have been thoroughly researched by our team via the alcohol rehab’s staff, website, and testimonials. Learn more about the best alcohol rehabs in Maine below.

1. Liberty Bay Recovery

Address: 343 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04101

Treatment Types: Inpatient, Outpatient, Detox, Intensive Outpatient

Genders: All

Ages: Adult

Liberty Bay Recovery is Maine’s premium alcohol rehab center. Along with alcohol addiction, Liberty Bay treats other substance abuse addictions, mental health disorders, and co-occurring mental health problems. The staff at Liberty Bay is among the most well-trained and therapy methods are used to discover the root cause of addiction. Liberty Bay Recovery Center has been around for several years and continues to be one of Maine’s most highly ranked treatment centers for addiction.

Another thing to note about Liberty Bay is that the treatment plans are flexible. Liberty Bay ensures that people will be placed in programs that work well for them. Examples include the partial hospitalization programs for alcohol withdrawal and support groups that people enter into after treatment. Some unique amenities at Liberty Bay also include chef-cooked meals, people who help with long-term planning, and peer support groups.

2. Wellspring 

Address: 253 Hammond St #255, Bangor, ME 04401

Treatment Types: Residential Inpatient, Outpatient 

Genders: Male, Female

Ages: Adult

Wellspring is a treatment center for drugs and alcohol in Maine that specializes in gender-specific treatment modalities. Patients are able to recover in male or female residential programs that use evidence-based treatments to help people recover from alcoholism and other substance abuse disorders. There are also outpatient programs that help people recover through the use of therapy and these modalities are open to everyone.

The principles of treatment at Wellspring consist of inpatient treatment that’s conducted through therapy. There are also options for detox and medications that help with alcoholism. Overall, Wellspring is one of the best options in Maine for residential inpatient treatment. The evidence-based programs are second-to-none.

3. Pine Tree Recovery Center

Address: 17 Bishop St, Portland, ME 04103

Treatment Types: Outpatient, Detox 

Genders: All

Ages: All

Pine Tree Recovery Center is one of Maine’s best options for detox. Detox programs are available for most types of addictions. Programs include detox for alcohol, adderall, opioids, cocaine, and other addictive substances. Aside from the detox program, Pine Tree Recovery Center is also helpful for intensive outpatient programs and outpatient alcoholism treatment.

Pine Tree Recovery Center is great for outpatient support in a few ways. First and foremost, there is individual therapy. Individual therapy is one-on-one therapy that helps people recover from alcohol abuse and co-occurring disorders. There are also programs that help people through group therapy, family therapy, peer support groups, and educational support. All treatments at Pine Tree Recovery are evidence-based and the facility maintains accreditations from the Joint Commission.

4. Casco Bay Recovery 

Address: 989 Brighton Ave, Portland, ME 04102

Treatment Types: Inpatient, Outpatient 

Genders: All

Ages: Adult

Casco Bay Recovery is one of Maine’s best rehab centers for alcoholism and substance abuse. There are several programs and the staff is trained to handle mild or severe alcohol addictions. Partial hospitalization programs are also available to help people who are going through symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Furthermore, Casco Bay Recovery offers medication-assisted treatment with the use of medications that help people avoid alcohol cravings.

Casco Bay Recovery is also one of the best options for patients who want to progress through recovery within the same network. What this means is that patients can spend time with the staff for an extended period and then enter into aftercare programs that the staff recommends. The team is also well-versed in dual-diagnoses and co-occurring disorders, which helps people recover from alcoholism by identifying the root causes of addiction.

5. Foundation House 

Address: 160 Preble St, Portland, ME 04101

Treatment Types: Residential Inpatient 

Genders: Men 

Ages: 17-35

Foundation House is one of the more unique options for alcoholism treatment in Maine. It’s a sober living program that helps men transition back into the responsibilities of adult life. For this reason, only certain age groups are accepted at the Foundation House. That said, Foundation House is one of the best transitional sober living options in the entire Northeast.

Foundation House is special because of the community support and types of treatments that are available. It’s not just traditional treatment like therapy or detox but more complex recovery methods like adventure training, holistic care, community service, and wilderness adventure. These holistic approaches to drug and alcohol rehab increase the chances of long-term success. The Foundation maintains support from The Joint Commission and other alcohol rehab organizations.

6. Aware Recovery 

Address: 500 Southborough Dr #205, South Portland, ME 04106

Treatment Types: Inpatient, Outpatient 

Genders: All

Ages: All

Aware Recovery is one of Portland’s best alcoholism recovery centers. While there are other programs available at Aware Recovery, the team always focuses on alcoholism because of the alarming statistics. For example, 75% of residential inpatient programs in New England are home to people who have been to one or more residential inpatient programs in the past. With an enhanced focus on alcoholism, the team improves the chance of recovery through support, family support, and education.

Aware Recovery is also one of the most flexible organizations when it comes to the people it treats. There are special programs available for members of the LGBTQ+ community, first responders, and much more. Another unique service is the in-home option that sends someone to a recovering alcoholic’s house to help them there.

7. Crossroads 

Address: 71 US-1 suite e, Scarborough, ME 04074

Treatment Types: Residential Inpatient, Outpatient 

Genders: All

Ages: Young adult, adult

Crossroads is a national organization with locations in several states. What makes Crossroads a good option is that it has access to hundreds of staff members, financial resources, and multiple locations. With these resources the team has the ability to treat most types of addiction and help thousands of patients recover from alcoholism every year. Crossroads also helps people with mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders.

That said, Crossroads is also known for its Children’s and Mothers location in Maine. At this location alcoholic mothers can recover from alcoholism without being separated from the child. Not separating the mother from the child is important because it makes the alcohol withdrawal process more barrable. Plus, mothers won’t have to worry about their child and the care they’re receiving. 

8. Adult & Teen Challenge Maine

Address: 11 Hudson Ln, Winthrop, ME 04364

Treatment Types: Residential Inpatient, Inpatient 

Genders: All

Ages: All

Adult & Teen Challenge is one of the best options for children in Maine. For children, there are boarding programs where teenagers and children can receive an education away from triggers that may lead to alcoholism. Adult & Teen Challenge also has programs for children who are children of alcohol parents. In these cases, the children are educated about how to not turn to alcoholism when opportunities present themselves.

Adult programs at Adult & Teen Challenge are similar but focus more on therapy and co-occurring disorders. It’s also important to note that Adult & Teen Challenge has faith-based elements to their treatment programs. These faith-based treatments are Christian in nature and there are spiritual teachings that are similar to the 12-Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

9. The Salvation Army 

Address: 88 Preble St, Portland, ME 04101

Treatment Types: Inpatient 

Genders: All

Ages: Adult 

The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that helps people in need. It’s known for doing community service, providing shelter for homeless populations, and donating to charitable causes. The Salvation Army also takes on other roles in some communities. In Maine, the Salvation Army has a location that’s dedicated to adult rehab. The types of addiction treated by the Salvation Army include substance abuse disorders and alcoholism.

As for the treatment modalities at the Salvation Army, options are limited. The staff consists of volunteers, so it depends on how many beds are available and who’s available. Common treatment methods include therapy, medications for alcohol withdrawal, and group support. There may also be work or community service requirements when recovering at the Salvation Army. These requirements teach people responsibility and for some people it helps with sobriety and purpose.

What are the Best Free Alcohol Rehab Centers in Maine?

Free alcohol rehabs in Maine are for people who don’t have medical insurance or the cash to fund treatment for alcoholism. Free alcohol rehab options are limited and mostly offered through non-profit organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous or the Salvation Army. In Maine, both of these options are available and there are several more support groups that serve as alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • The Salvation Army 

What are the Best Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers in Maine?

Outpatient alcohol rehabs in Maine help people recover from alcoholism through the use of therapy or detox. Traditional outpatient programs will require patients to meet at the rehab for two or three days each week but don’t force patients to remain on campus. Outpatient alcohol rehab is best for patients who need to continue working, which makes it one of the more flexible options.

Below we list the best alcohol rehabs in Maine for outpatient treatment.

  • Aware Recovery
  • Liberty Bay Recovery 
  • Casco Bay Recovery 
  • Crossroads 

What are the Best Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers in Maine?

Inpatient alcohol rehabs require patients to remain on campus to recover from alcohol abuse disorders. Remaining on campus makes it easy for staff to treat co-occurring disorders, prescribe medication, and manage patients. Being isolated from triggers that cause alcoholism are also helpful for the recovery process. Patients that participate in inpatient alcohol treatment may also graduate to outpatient programs or support groups.

Below we list the best inpatient alcohol rehabs in Maine.

  • Liberty Bay Recovery 
  • Casco Bay Recovery 

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for Seniors over 65 Years Old in Maine?

Seniors over the age of 65 who need assistance with alcoholism have several options. People over the age of 65 usually have access to Medicare or Medicaid insurance, depending on their financial situation. Furthermore, seniors over the age of 65 need more comfort than young adults or children when recovering from alcoholism. Therefore, these factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing alcohol rehabs.

Below we list the best alcohol rehabs for seniors over the age of 65 in Maine.

  • Aware Recovery 

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for Children in Maine?

Alcoholism is a problem that millions of children around the world face. According to several surveys, teenage alcoholism is at about 12% and that number continues to grow each year. The good news is that Maine has many alcohol rehabs that help children who struggle with alcoholism. These alcohol rehabs help children in unique ways by providing education, peer support, and therapy that’s designed for younger people.

Below we list the best alcohol rehabs for children in Maine.

  • Aware Recovery 
  • Adult & Teen Challenge 

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for Residential Inpatient in Maine?

Residential inpatient alcohol rehabs in Maine provide treatment for people who need many months or years to recover from alcoholism. Some residential inpatient alcohol rehabs are luxurious with many amenities, while others are sober living homes that require contributions from residents. Many residential inpatient alcohol rehabs last for between six months and two years.

Below we list the best residential inpatient programs in Maine.

  • Foundation House 
  • Wellspring 
  • Crossroads 

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for Telemedicine in Maine?

Telemedicine is a type of treatment that takes place over the phone or through video chats. Some alcohol rehabs will have hotlines you can call, chatbots you can speak with, and their own video chat software. Other alcohol rehabs may use traditional phone calls or video chat software like Google Meets or Skype. Regardless of the method, telemedicine’s objective is to help people recover from alcoholism through the use of therapy. Medications may also be available with telemedicine when licensed doctors make an assessment.

Below we list the best alcohol rehabs for telemedicine in Maine.

  • Liberty Bay Recovery
  • Aware Recovery

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for State Insurance in Maine?

Health insurance in Maine is MaineCare. According to the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services, MaineCare is a unique version of Medicaid. MaineCare offers health insurance coverage for people who meet a specific criteria. The criteria is making under a certain income threshold, someone’s age, and their housing situations. Household income and the number of children someone has also plays a role in MaineCare coverage.

Below we list the best alcohol rehab centers that provide treatment for people who use MaineCare.

  • Liberty Bay Recovery
  • Aware Recovery

What are the Best Medicare Alcohol Rehab Centers in Maine?

Medicare alcohol rehab centers are alcohol rehabs that accept Medicare insurance. These alcohol rehabs are unique because they’re suitable for the elderly, retired adults, and people who are using social security disability benefits. Medicare alcohol rehabs are available but they’re less common than alcohol rehabs that accept normal insurance.

Below we list the best alcohol rehabs in Maine for Medicare insurance.

  • Liberty Bay Recovery

How to Find Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me in Maryland?

Finding alcohol rehab centers near you in Maine isn’t challenging when you know where to look. Ultimately, it comes down to narrowing down your options and choosing alcohol rehabs that fit your needs. Depending on the severity of your alcoholism abuse disorder, take some time to consider inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient programs, and even detox options.

How to Choose the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for Each State?

The best alcohol rehabs in each state will vary but there are some national organizations. To find the best alcohol rehabs in each state it’s a good idea to check out our other directory articles. You’ll have access to several of the best alcohol rehabs in each state.