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Boca Recovery Center is an esteemed addiction treatment facility, with its origins in Florida and expansion to Indiana and New Jersey. Established in 2016, the center has always emphasized continuous improvement, integrity, and teamwork in its core values. The Indiana location, like its counterparts, offers a comprehensive range of treatments for individuals suffering from various levels of addiction, including severe and mild cases, as well as long-term options.

At the Indiana facility, Boca Recovery Center provides a host of treatments for alcoholism, such as medication-assisted detox (MAT), behavioral therapy, counseling, peer support, family support, exercise, and nutrition. They cater to individuals of all genders and ages, making their services accessible to a diverse clientele.

The staff at Boca Recovery Center’s Indiana location is composed of Masters-level professionals with appropriate certifications and nursing expertise. They work tirelessly to ensure that clients receive high-quality care and support throughout their recovery journey. Some key staff members include Stephanie, a registered nurse and Chief Nursing Officer with six years of experience; Dr. Alison Tarlow, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Chief Clinical Officer; and Christopher Ferry, the passionate Owner/Founder who overcame addiction himself and now helps others do the same.

Treatment durations at Boca Recovery Center vary depending on the level of care required. Typical treatment times include 3-6 months for residential inpatient, 30-90 days for inpatient, weekly sessions for outpatient care, and 24 hours to 7 days for detox.’s review of Boca Recovery Center’s Indiana location highlights the center’s impressive track record, including helping over 10,000 patients, with more than 5,500 success stories. The review praises the facility for offering various treatment options to suit each individual’s unique needs and for its commitment to providing care for people of all genders and backgrounds.

However, it is important to note that some programs at Boca Recovery Center may not suit everyone, such as the Christian faith program, and the center’s focus is not solely on alcoholism, meaning clients may interact with others recovering from different substance abuses. Additionally, there are no sober living programs available, although aftercare options, including counseling and connections to Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), are provided.

Who Is Boca Recovery For?

Boca Recovery Center’s Indiana location is an excellent fit for those who have insurance and are seeking comprehensive inpatient or outpatient treatments for alcoholism. The facility is particularly well-suited for individuals experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, as the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs ensure a safe and supported recovery process.


  • All levels of care available
  • Part of a growing network of three locations in the United States
  • Masters-level staff
  • Experienced alcohol rehab with over 10,000 patients treated
  • More than 5,500 success stories


  • No sober living programs
  • Some programs may not suit everyone
  • Focus is not solely on alcoholism

In conclusion, Boca Recovery Center’s Indiana location offers a wide range of care levels, experienced Masters-level staff, and a strong track record of success. While some aspects may not suit everyone, the facility is an outstanding choice for those seeking recovery from alcohol addiction in Indiana.