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Mountainside Rehab Connecticut is a comprehensive addiction treatment center for substance abuse disorders. It’s been around for more than 25 years and has helped thousands of people in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey recover from alcoholism.

While programs are offered for most types of substance abuse, Mountainside Rehab Connecticut is well-known for its evidence-based alcohol rehab programs. In fact, it’s one of the best alcohol rehabs in Connecticut and the tri-state area for alcohol abuse disorder (AUD). Alcoholism programs focus on family support, group therapy, and holistic healing.

Mountainside Rehab Connecticut provides treatment for substance abuse at every level of care, even aftercare when treatment concludes. Examples include detox programs for severe cases of withdrawal, inpatient rehab for long-term alcoholism recovery, and outpatient services for people who need flexible treatment solutions. Overall, anyone can get quality treatment from Mountainside Rehab Connecticut as long as it’s in your insurance network. Additionally, people who don’t have insurance in the network can use private pay for financing options.

  • Telehealth for alcoholism and substance abuse
  • Family wellness
  • Continual care
  • Clinical
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Family recovery coaching
  • Detox
  • Extended care programs for alcoholics who need long-term care
  • Randall Dwenger: Chief Medical Officer
  • Ashley McGee: Senior Vice President of Medical Services
  • Caroline Newton: Medical Director
  • Jennifer Schoonmaker: Director of Nursing
  • Raya Ariella: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
  • Anthony Nave: Clinical Director
  • Lauren Johnson: Director of Residential Services
  • Inpatient: 30-90 days
  • Residential Inpatient: up to 6 months
  • Extend Care: As long as necessary for a recovering alcoholic to make a full recovery from alcoholism
  • Outpatient services: week-to-week basis
  • Recovery coaching: week-to-week basis

Mountainside Rehab Connecticut is a great place to get alcoholism treatment. However, it’s important to understand what separates this facility from other alcohol rehabs to help you make an informed decision. We provide a comprehensive review below. To create our alcohol rehab reviews in Connecticut we contact the alcohol rehab, explore its website, and learn about the past experiences of patients via testimonials.

We like Mountainside Rehab Connecticut for a few reasons. Primarily, we love the diversity among its programs. For alcoholism, it has more programs than most alcohol rehabs in Connecticut because it’s part of a much larger network that encompasses New York and New Jersey.

Mountainside Rehab Connecticut is also well-versed in having family members help with alcoholism. Many of the programs include family members who want to help recovering alcoholics, which helps people develop a larger support network. Plus, when you pair this with group therapy it helps Mountainside address the core issues that lead to alcoholism.

We also love that Mountainside Rehab Connecticut has treatment options for everyone, regardless of the level of care they need. There are alcoholism treatment plans for severe cases of withdrawal, professionals who can only visit on an outpatient basis, and much more.

Mountainside Recovery is suitable for most people who need treatment for alcoholism in Connecticut. However, it’s not for everyone. Always verify your insurance before going through the admissions process to avoid any unnecessary fees. Verifying your insurance will also prevent you from wasting time if Mountainside Rehab Connecticut isn’t in your network.

Mountainside Rehab Connecticut also isn’t a great place for recovering alcoholics who want an alcohol-only rehab experience. The rehab center provides treatment for all types of addiction, so alcoholics may have trouble in group therapy if they can’t relate to someone who was addicted to a different substance. In most cases, treatment for all addictions is similar and relatable but this may be an issue for some people in recovery.

Another factor to consider, and this is out of Mountainside Rehab Connecticut’s control, is that the organization has been impersonated by scammers in the past. They provide information on their website to help you avoid scams but always be careful when contacting representatives from Mountainside Rehab if they don’t have an official email.

Mountainside Rehab is perfect for people who need help with alcoholism but don’t know where to begin. It’s one of the few alcohol rehabs in Connecticut that can help with any case of alcoholism, regardless of the level of care.

Mountainside Rehab Connecticut is also a great place for people who need long-term treatment to be successful. If you or a loved one failed to recover from alcohol abuse disorder (AUD) in the past, Mountainside Rehab’s residential programs may be what you need.

Mountainside Rehab is also suitable for adults of all ages and genders, so you don’t have to worry about any discrimination. In fact, there are specific adolescent programs that make it perfect for teenagers who struggle with teenage alcoholism. Plus, some programs are designed to help people in the LGBTQ+ community recover from alcoholism.

Lastly, Mountainside Rehab is a good fit for people who can’t put aside their work or family obligations due to their busy schedule. In these cases, outpatient services and telehealth are effective solutions for alcoholism.

  • Alumni services for aftercare programs and other community services
  • Big emphases on including family members in treatment plans
  • Treatment for alcoholism at all levels of care
  • Holistic treatment options for alcoholism that include exercise, nutrition, and wellness
  • Mountainside Rehab Connecticut has been impersonated by scammers in the past, which isn’t the best for its reputation but these issues have been resolved on its website.