Best 11 Alcohol Treatment Rehab Centers in Austin

Author: Thomas Roth

Last Updated: 1/18/2023

Texas is one of the largest states in the United States. Its capital city, Austin, is home to almost one million people and it continues to grow. Austin is also home to some of the best alcoholism rehabs in the United States. Still, some alcohol rehabs are better than others and only the best rehabs are worth your time. To help you narrow down your options we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best alcohol rehabs in Austin, Texas. selects rehab centers that have the proper licenses, accreditations, and testimonials. We also consider reviews and the past experiences of recovering alcoholics. The success rate is also something we consider, which must be between 85% and 95% sobriety after one year.

The best alcohol rehabs in Austin, Texas, are found below.

  1. Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin
  2. Recovery Unplugged
  3. Briarwood Detox
  4. Sage Recovery and Wellness Center
  5. South Meadows Recovery
  6. Phoenix House
  7. Cenikor Foundation
  8. Nova Recovery Center
  9. Positive Reverse Centers
  10. Oakvine Recovery Center
  11. Omega Recovery 

1). Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin

Located at 1524 S I-35 Frontage Rd Unit 201, Austin, TX 78704, Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin is one of the best options. For alcoholism, the team uses a combination of medication, therapy, and even counseling. Combining these treatment modalities is what helps Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin help people recover from alcoholism.

Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin also uses several levels of treatment. Options include inpatient, outpatient, and medically-assisted detox. Programs for aftercare once rehab comes to an end are also available at Recovery Unplugged Austin. Furthermore, the staff is educated and only uses evidence-based treatment methods to cure alcoholism.

Relapse rates at Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin are lower than other programs because of the team’s follow-up process. The alcoholism staff follows up with each patient to ensure that sobriety is maintained.

2). Recovery Unplugged 

Recovery Unplugged is one of the better rehabs in Texas. Plus, Recovery Unplugged has locations across the United States. Recovery Unplugged’s Austin location is found at 5419 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78745. At this location, the alcohol rehab center provides many types of treatment.

Most treatment programs focus on intense screening and inpatient care. The staff tends to the needs of its patients and recommends the right treatment strategy based on the needs of each patient. Recovery Unplugged is also a well-rounded rehab center with multiple treatment modalities. Examples include outpatient rehab, detox, medication, and therapy.

That said, the music part of the treatment is what separates Recovery Unplugged from similar alcohol rehabs. The team uses music to help to recover alcoholics appreciate other things in life instead of drinking alcoholic beverages.

3). Briarwood Detox

Located at 11711 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753, Briarwood Detox is Austin’s premier alcohol detox facility. The staff is highly qualified and provides 24/7 care for patients that need it. Briarwood Detox also gives recovering alcoholics plenty of time to detox from alcohol without forcing them into other programs.

Aside from detox, Briarwood Detox also combines alcohol detox with therapy and counseling. The combination of detox and therapy allows the staff to target co-occurring mental health disorders that lead to alcoholism. Treating these co-occurring disorders increases the odds of a patient remaining sober after treatment.

The team at Briarwood Detox is also fully loaded. Instead of having a few nurses or doctors, there are also licensed psychologists. Therefore, it’s one of the best places to go through the alcohol withdrawal period. Even when medical problems arise, medications are available to help.

4). Sage Recovery and Wellness Center

Sage Recovery and Wellness Center takes a unique approach to alcoholism treatment. Many alcohol rehabs focus on detox and other treatment modalities but Sage Recovery and Wellness Center uses holistic treatment methods. 

Holistic treatment methods are effective for alcohol abuse disorder (AUD) because it helps people make healthy lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes help people maintain sobriety. Holistic treatment methods include diet, exercise, meditation, and activities like yoga.

Sage Recovery and Wellness Center also offers other alcoholism programs. Other programs include outpatient rehab, some inpatient options, and even detox solutions. Sage Recovery and Wellness Center is found at 7004 Bee Caves Rd STE 2-200, Austin, TX 78746.

5). South Meadows Recovery

South Meadows Recovery is found at 15505 Patrica St, Austin, TX 78728. At this alcoholism treatment center, the primary programs that the center offers include partial hospitalization and outpatient rehab. Partial hospitalization gives patients with severe cases of alcoholism time to recover without succumbing to harsh withdrawal symptoms.

South Meadows Recovery also has a traditional outpatient program. The outpatient program follows evidence-based practices. Treatment options include counseling, family therapy, and therapy. The preferred therapy method at South Meadows Recovery is cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients develop the tools necessary to recover from alcoholism. Instead of relying on medication to curb cravings, patients gain insight into their triggers. Psychologists then help patients avoid or overcome these triggers. With premier therapy, South Meadows Recovery has a high success rate for sobriety.

6). Phoenix House

Phoenix House has multiple locations in Austin, Texas. However, the headquarters is found at 400 W Live Oak St, Austin, TX 78704. Phoenix House offers several methods of treatment for alcoholism. The most common treatment methods include therapy, counseling, detox, and some holistic approaches.

What makes Phoenix House special is that outpatient and inpatient services are available. Patients can begin their journey within Phoenix House’s residential inpatient facility. The facility includes amenities like private bathrooms, bedrooms, common areas, and more. From there, many patients progress into outpatient care.

At Phoenix House, outpatient care is simple and effective. Phoenix House uses a combination of therapy and medication. Medication helps with the alcohol detox process, whereas therapy helps patients discover the root cause of alcoholism. Outpatient services at Phoenix House are also available without participating in the inpatient rehab program first.

7). Cenikor Foundation 

Cenikor Foundation is one of the largest alcohol rehab organizations in the United States. With locations across the country, it’s no surprise that the Cenikor Foundation has plenty of resources to help people recover from alcoholism. Its Austin location is found at 2410 W Howard Ln, Austin, TX 78728.

In Austin, the Cenikor Foundation focuses on treating patients at every stage of alcoholism. Treatment for mild and severe cases of alcoholism is available. Furthermore, the Cenikor Foundation offers several levels of care from inpatient to outpatient. There are also detox options to help people manage severe symptoms of withdrawal.

The Cenikor Foundation also has several types of staff members. You’ll find nurses, doctors, and even licensed psychologists. Having access to a wide range of staff makes it easy for patients to feel comfortable, even during severe bouts of alcohol withdrawal.

8). Nova Recovery Center

Nova Recovery Center is one of the most luxurious inpatient facilities in Texas. Treatments for all types of addiction are available at this location but alcoholism is one of the team’s primary focuses. Nova Recovery Center is found at 7501 E Hwy 290, Austin, TX 78752.

At Nova Recovery Center, patients have access to luxurious amenities while they recover from alcoholism. Examples include private bathrooms, bedrooms, common areas, and more. Additionally, Nova Recovery Center provides patients with access to a pool and other activities like sports and yoga.

When it comes to treatment, Nova Recovery Center offers several options. Patients can receive medically-assisted detox, group therapy, counseling, and one-on-one behavioral therapy.

9). Positive Recovery Centers

Positive Recovery Centers are found across the United States. Furthermore, there are several locations in Texas. The Austin Location for Positive Recovery Centers is found at 4701 West Gate Blvd d404, Austin, TX 78745. Positive Recovery Centers provide dozens of treatment options. Patients can enroll in sober living programs, outpatient rehab, and inpatient rehab.

Positive Recovery Centers maintain a high level of care. The team is well-versed in addiction treatment, especially with alcoholism. While alcoholism is one of the most important components of Positive Recovery Centers, treatment for other addictions is also available.

Positive Recovery Centers also provide detox programs that help with alcoholism withdrawal. These detox programs use medication and partial hospitalization to monitor patients. Therefore, 24/7 care is available with Positive Recovery Centers.

10). Oakvine Recovery Center

Oakvine Recovery Center offers treatment for many types of addiction. Aside from alcoholism treatment, Oakvine offers treatment for heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, prescription drugs, and more. Oakvine Recovery Center is located at 3820 S Congress Ave Bldg 2, Austin, TX 78704.

Oakvine Recovery Center is also well-rounded and offers a few levels of care. Patients have access to therapy, counseling, detox, and group counseling. These treatment modalities are available through outpatient or inpatient methods. 

Oakvine Recovery Center also makes it easy to contact the staff with a simple contact form. Additionally, the rehab center will contact patients who leave their information. Everything is kept confidential to keep the information of patients private.

11). Omega Recovery

Omega Recovery is a CARF-accredited organization that operates in Texas. It also maintains recognition from the Joint Commission and several other organizations. Omega Recovery in Austin is found at 1710 Evergreen Ave suite b, Austin, TX 78704.

Omega Recovery is also a national organization. Therefore, patients from around the United States have access to care. One of the main focuses of Omega Recovery is to treat co-occurring disorders that are caused by technology. Still, traditional treatment methods are available through inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab.

Omega Recovery supports treatment for several types of substances. Examples include heroin, marijuana, cocaine, hallucinogens, and more. Omega Recovery also helps with mental health disorders like depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety.

What are the Best Free Alcohol Rehab Centers in Austin?

Free alcohol rehab centers are available for people who don’t have the financial resources to attend rehab. Some free alcohol rehabs are inpatient facilities, while others are support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). Alcohol rehabs may also be free for people who use Medicaid or other types of state insurance. There are typically fewer options for free alcohol rehab compared to traditional inpatient or outpatient rehab.

In Austin, you’ll find several great free alcohol rehab options. Still, some are better than others. The best free alcohol rehabs in Austin, Texas, are found below.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • The Salvation Army 

What are the Best Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers in Austin?

Outpatient alcohol rehab is a type of rehab that doesn’t require patients to live at the rehab center. Instead, outpatient programs require patients to meet with therapists or counselors once or twice per week. Outpatient rehabs may also include medications for alcoholism, detox programs, and partial hospitalization for severe cases of alcoholism.

There are dozens of outpatient rehabs in Austin but some are better than others. We list the best options below.

  • Phoenix House
  • Omega Recovery 
  • Cenikor Foundation 
  • Positive Recovery Centers 
  • Recovery Unplugged 

What are the Best Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers in Austin?

Inpatient alcohol rehab is a type of long-term alcoholism treatment. Instead of meeting with counselors once or twice per week, recovering alcoholics in inpatient programs live at the rehab center. Some inpatient rehab centers include luxurious amenities, while others are more basic. Depending on your budget, any inpatient rehab center becomes viable.

Below we list the best inpatient rehabs in Austin, Texas.

  • Recovery Unplugged 
  • Cenikor Foundation
  • Phoenix House
  • Oakvine Recovery 
  • Nova Recovery Center 

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for Seniors over 65 Years Old in Austin?

Elderly alcoholics account for 10% of all alcoholism cases, according to SAMHSA. People over the age of 65 are also at a higher risk of experiencing health problems when abusing alcohol, especially if that abuse has been long-term. The good news is that people over the age of 65 have access to alcoholism rehab in Austin, Texas.

We list the best alcohol rehab centers for people over the age of 65 in Austin, Texas, below.

  • Nova Recovery Center 
  • Cenikor Foundation 
  • South Meadows Recovery 

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for Children in Austin?

Sources like SAMHSA show that millions of children in the United States struggle with alcoholism. Moreover, children who live with alcoholic parents are four times as likely to develop alcoholism. That said, there are many options to help children recover from alcohol abuse disorder (AUD).

We list the best alcohol rehab centers in Austin for children below.

  • Adult & Teen Challenge 
  • Phoenix House
  • Cenikor Foundation 
  • Recovery Unplugged 

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for Residential Inpatient in Austin?

Residential inpatient treatment consists of living at alcohol rehab. Some residential inpatient programs are at luxury rehab centers, while others are known as sober living facilities. Sober living homes are joint housing units where people learn to be responsible members of society. Many sober living homes require people to pay rent, have a job, and remain sober.

Several residential inpatient facilities in Austin, Texas, are great but some are better than others. We list the best options below.

  • Recovery Unplugged 
  • Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin 
  • Phoenix House
  • Omega Recovery
  • Cenikor Foundation 
  • Nova Recovery Center 

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for Telemedicine in Austin?

Telemedicine is a new and innovative way to treat alcoholism. In the past, only a few hundred calls were made per day to treat alcoholism but today the number of calls is in the thousands. For this reason, telemedicine continues to evolve and become a more viable option for alcoholism treatment.

Several telemedicine programs are available in Austin, Texas, but we list the best options below.

  • Omega Recovery 
  • Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin 
  • Recovery Unplugged 
  • Cenikor Foundation 
  • Positive Recovery Centers 

What are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for State Insurance in Austin?

State insurance varies from state to state. In Austin, state insurance has regulations from the Texas Department of Insurance. Verifying your insurance with this agency is essential before selecting an alcohol rehab center.

Below we list a handful of the best alcohol rehabs for state insurance in Austin, Texas.

  • Cenikor Foundation
  • Phoenix House 
  • Briarwood Detox 
  • Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin 
  • Recovery Unplugged (outpatient)
  • Positive Recovery Centers 

What are the Best IHC-Funded Alcohol Rehab Centers in Austin?

IHC-funded alcohol rehab centers in Austin are rehab centers that accept a specific type of state insurance. Unfortunately, not all rehabs accept this method of funding. So, it’s important to verify alcohol rehabs in Austin, Texas, to ensure that IHC insurance is acceptable.

Below we list the best IHC-funded rehabs in Austin, Texas.

  • Phoenix House 
  • Briarwood Detox 
  • Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin  

What are the Best Medicare Alcohol Rehab Centers in Austin?

Medicare is one of the most popular insurance options for people over the age of 65 or on social security disability. Unlike private insurance, Medicare is federally-funded insurance, so it’s not accepted by every alcohol rehab center. Therefore, it’s important to confirm your insurance with the alcohol rehab you plan on attending.

Below we list the best Medicare alcohol rehabs in Austin, Texas.

  • Cenikor Foundation
  • Phoenix House 
  • Briarwood Detox 
  • Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin 
  • Positive Recovery Centers
  • Nova Recovery Center 

How to Find Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me in Austin?

Austin, Texas, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Fortunately, Austin has plenty of great alcohol rehab centers to help people recover from alcoholism. To find alcohol rehabs near you in Austin, it’s best to use’s verified list. includes the best rehab centers in the city of Austin. Each rehab center is vetted and maintains accreditations from government agencies like the Joint Commission and CARF. Any of the 11 rehabs covered is a great choice for alcoholism treatment in Austin, Texas.

How to Choose the Right Alcohol Rehab Center in Austin?

To choose the right alcohol rehab center in Austin you have to focus on your needs. Everyone has unique needs when it comes to alcoholism treatment, so it’s important to select rehabs that benefit those needs. Make sure the staff is up to your standards and it’s always best to speak with counselors over the phone before entering a program.

Furthermore, make sure the alcoholism treatment program has what you need. Serious cases of alcoholism require medically-assisted detox, for example, which isn’t always available at outpatient facilities. On the other hand, residential inpatient programs aren’t suitable for people who need to continue working.

How to Choose the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers for States?

To Choose the best alcohol rehab centers for states use’s search tool. Entering your state into the search tool brings you to a list of relevant articles about your state. Plus, it’s easy to narrow down rehabs based on city, county, or town. It’s also possible to find the best rehabs for states under the “Rehabs” tab.

How to Choose the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Austin, Texas 

Austin, Texas is a large city, so it’s not always easy to find the best alcohol rehab center. Thankfully, verifies each rehab center to ensure that you’re staying at a high-quality location. It’s always best to read the reviews of each alcohol rehab center before coming to a decision.