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Best Sober YouTube Channels in 2023


Author: Thomas Roth

Last Updated: 3/05/2023

YouTube is a social media platform that’s based on users creating long and short videos. The video content varies but some YouTube channels are dedicated to helping people with substance abuse and alcohol abuse. Because YouTube is a free platform for viewers to watch videos, getting help for alcohol addiction is hassle-free.

While it’s not the same quality as getting treatment from a rehabilitation center, there are some great sober YouTube channels people can watch and subscribe to. These channels vary in quality, so it’s important to subscribe to the best sober YouTube channels.

1. Recovery Comedy

Recovery Comedy is a unique channel that hosts sober comedians. These are comedians who are sober and help with 12-Step events and other comedic events that require sober comedians. The content is clean and humorous, which is different from other alcoholism YouTube channels. The channel has over 80 videos and over 2.5 million combined views. Recovery Comedy was established in 2008 and has over 7.5 thousand subscribers.

2. Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc. is the official YouTube channel for Alcoholics Anonymous. The channel is operated by the General Services Office (GSO) of the United States and Canada. Content on the channel is based on the 12-Step philosophy that Alcoholics Anonymous teaches. This includes links to support groups and personal stories. There are over 100 videos on the channel with a combined view count of over 200,000. Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc. also has more than 6,000 subscribers and was established in 2017.

3. The Rewired Soul

The Rewired Soul is not dedicated to alcoholism but focuses on teaching people about critical thinking and psychology. Many of these topics relate to alcoholism and there are a handful of videos on the channel that focus specifically on substance abuse and alcohol addiction. The Rewired Soul has more than 1,000 videos with a combined view count of over 12,000,000. Furthermore, the channel has over 80,000 subscribers and was founded in 2017.

4. Michelle Dixon

Michelle Dixon is a wellness coach and yoga instructor. She uses these techniques to help people enhance their lives in many areas. Some of her videos focus on using meditation and yoga to combat alcoholism and the problems it causes. Her channel has over 3,000 subscribers and more than 40 videos have been uploaded. The channel was created in 2016 and has more than 200,000 combined views.

5. Alex & Lisa – the Sober Experiment

Alex & Lise – the Sober Experiment, also known as Bee Sober, is a channel that’s focused on telling personal stories about alcoholism. It begins with Alex & Lisa, who helped each other with alcoholism and addiction. Overall, the goal of the community is to help people change their relationships with alcohol. The channel was founded in 2019 and has over 30,000 combined views. There are also 113 videos for people to watch and the channel has almost 1,000 subscribers.

6. Sober Leon

Sober Leon is a channel that’s dedicated to helping people with alcoholism through less traditional methods. Leon’s channel serves as a resource for people to learn about alcoholism programs, the best rehab centers, and signs of alcohol addiction. Leon has over 300 videos and about 25,000 subscribers. His videos have almost 3,000,000 views (combined) and the channel was founded in 2013.

7. Tempest

Tempest is a small channel that’s focused on helping people understand the root causes of addiction. Therefore, the videos are focused on mental health, sobriety, and things that can inspire people to live a sober lifestyle. The channel was founded in 2015 and has a combined view count of over 60,000. Tempest has 10 videos and a hidden subscriber count.

8. Sobriety Starts Here

Sobriety Starts Here is about personal stories of alcoholism treatment and recovery. The channel focuses on interviewing people who have recovered from alcohol addiction. Sobriety Starts Here has 53 videos and 782 subscribers. The channel has a combined view count of over 50,000 and was created in 2018.

9. Sober Nation

Sober Nation is a YouTube channel that’s structured as a community. The videos are focused on methods for opening up about alcoholism and ways for people to get clean. Some videos also help people have fun during recovery and there are entire videos dedicated to answering questions. The channel has 241 videos, 1.5 thousand subscribers, and almost 100,000 combined views. Sober Nation was founded in 2013.

10. Liz Kidder

Liz Kidder is a channel hosted by Liz Kidder. Her videos focus on life without alcohol and how people can have fun without being intoxicated. She explores meditation, hiking, and even yoga. Kidder also has personal stories on the channel. Liz Kidder has 145 videos and 16.2 thousand subscribers. She also has a combined view count of 1.3 million. The channel was founded in 2011.

How do Youtube Videos Help Me Stop Drinking?

YouTube videos can help you stop drinking for many reasons. First and foremost, YouTube videos provide personal and relatable content. This helps you form a connection with someone who went through alcoholism and recovered. YouTube also has many recovery-focused channels and documentary-style channels. These channels can help you with the struggles of alcoholism and encourage you to seek treatment.

What are Alcoholism Therapy Channels and Videos on Youtube?

Alcoholism is a condition that develops over days, months, weeks, and years. Also known as alcohol abuse disorder (AUD), alcoholism is alcohol addiction. People who suffer from alcoholism are known as alcoholics and the severity of the addiction depends on how much alcohol is consumed. While alcoholism is dangerous, it’s treatable with rehabilitation, therapy, and even medically-assisted detox (MAT).

On YouTube, there are free-to-watch channels that use therapy to help people recover from alcohol addiction. Some of these channels include Alcoholics Anonymous, the Cleveland Clinic, and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. These are channels that use the 12-Step philosophy, therapy, and personal stories to help people recover from alcohol addiction. Furthermore, these channels are effective because they tell personal stories that people can relate to.

Do Alcoholics Anonymous Have a Youtube Channel?

Yes, there is an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) YouTube channel. While it’s not the most popular YouTube channel, it has many subscribers and covers the 12-Step philosophy that Alcoholics Anonymous teaches. The channel also tells recovery stories and speaks about personal stories that viewers can relate to. On YouTube, Alcoholics Anonymous is effective at helping people think about alcoholism and the treatment process.

Are There Alcoholism Recovery Videos on Youtube?

There are alcoholism recovery videos on YouTube. In fact, there are thousands of alcohol recovery videos on YouTube. There are also dedicated YouTube channels like the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, which focuses on telling the stories of people who have recovered from alcoholism. The most popular alcoholism recovery videos are from the Cleveland Clinic, Bupa Health UK, and Granite Recovery Centers. These videos are effective because they help people understand alcoholism and how it impacts people.

Can You Find Documentaries about Alcoholism on Youtube?

YouTube has free documentaries that viewers can watch with advertisements. Moreover, some YouTube channels create video content that’s structured as a documentary. Therefore, you can find some of the best alcoholism documentaries on YouTube. In fact, some channels leverage personal experience. A YouTuber’s experience with alcoholism makes it easier for viewers to relate to the content.

Are the People on Youtube Real Sobers?

There are many YouTube channels dedicated to alcoholism. While these channels don’t always have people who went through alcoholism treatment themselves, they gave guests who maintain sober lifestyles. There are also dedicated channels for people who want to live a sober lifestyle. Some of these channels include the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, theoffcamerashow, and even BBC stories. These are three channels that host guests who are alcoholics and recovered alcoholics.

Can You Find Stories about Alcoholism on Youtube?

There are stories about alcoholism on YouTube. One example is Laura’s Recovery Story, which follows Laura’s struggle with alcohol addiction and how it impacted her life. These stories are inspiring because people like Laura have a platform to speak about how they reversed the damage that alcoholism caused. Some other stories include Rob and Joshua. Rob is someone who is actively trying to recover from alcohol addiction and explains the struggles of rehab and treatment. Joshua encourages people to explore their relationship with drinking to determine if they’re an alcoholic. For Joshua, it wasn’t something he realized until he self-reflected.

Can Youtube Videos Give you the Motivation to Stop Drinking?

YouTube videos can give you the motivation to stop drinking. Some of the most popular YouTubers have stories relating to alcoholism and alcohol addiction. Watching these popular YouTubers speak about their addiction can inspire viewers to make a positive change. While motivation is a great start, it still takes discipline and effort to recover from alcohol addiction.

What are the Other Resources about Alcoholism?

There are also other resources that people can use for alcoholism treatment. These resources vary but some of the best ones include documentaries and podcasts. Depending on the person, some resources work better than others for alcoholism treatment.

That said, we always recommend the best books for alcoholism because reading about personal experiences helps readers develop a unique perspective on addiction. Reading also makes experiences more personal and relatable. Some other resources are listed below.

These are only a handful of the resources available for alcoholism.