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The Best Addiction Recovery Apps of 2021


Author: Thomas Roth

Last Updated: 2/07/2022

Alcoholism is alcohol addiction. The condition is caused by excessive alcohol consumption and can take effect as binge drinking habits or daily drinking habits. Alcoholism causes uncontrollable urges to consume alcohol and it’s challenging to manage the cravings. Moreover, alcoholism causes chemical changes in the brain that lead to withdrawal symptoms when alcoholics stop drinking alcohol. Alcoholism is dangerous and leads to health problems.

1). I am Sober

The I am Sober application has been downloaded by over 1,00,000 people. I am Sober is designed to help people who are struggling with alcoholism and other addictions by tracking sober days. This means that the application counts how many days you’re sober to help you stay on track. I am Sober also provides you with resources like motivational quotes, videos, and other helpful addiction treatment tools.

On the Google Play Store, the application has a rating of 4.3 stars, which is above average. The application has a similar rating on Apple’s app store. Critics like the application and based on the reviews it serves its purpose. While it’s not the best method to treat alcoholism, it’s a great way to stay sober after you quit drinking alcohol.

2). Sober Tool

Sober Tool is an app that was made by someone with a lot of experience in the addiction treatment field. The app was created by a 33-year sober licensed drug counselor who understands many types of addictions and how they impact the mind. The application is well-received by critics and has a Google Play score of 4.8 stars, which is one of the best ratings to achieve. In fact, the app won the Best Apps Award of 2020.

Sober Tool is designed to help people stay sober after addiction treatment comes to an end. While the application has many motivational resources, it’s not designed to help you quit drinking. Instead, it’s made to serve as a guide to living a sober life. It can reduce the chances of relapse and make it easier to avoid drinking and doing drugs. Sober Tool has over 100,000 downloads and continues to be one of the best apps for addiction treatment.

3). Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Twenty-Four Hours a Day is a popular mobile app that functions like a book. There are readings people can do each day to stay on track and remain sober. There are motivational readings, readings to help with urges, and readings to get individuals through tough times. The application is more like a book than an app but it serves its purpose well and maintains popularity among users.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day has a Google Play rating of 4.9 stars, which is one of the highest possible ratings to obtain. It’s been downloaded by 50,000 users and continues to be one of the best addiction treatment applications. That said, it shouldn’t be relied on as the only treatment modality if you haven’t quit drinking alcohol yet.

4). Nomo

Nomo functions as a sobriety clock. The clock tells you how many days you’ve been sober and how well you’re doing on your journey. Nomo is well-rounded and has options to track things like drug addiction, alcoholism, and even cigarette use. Depending on your addiction the functions of the application change. It also has motivational quotes and other resources that people can use to continue their recovery process.

Nomo has been downloaded by more than 50,000 people. While the application is a bit glitchy based on reviews, it maintains a 4.3-star rating, which keeps it among the best addiction treatment applications. It’s a great tool to use alongside support groups or therapy to provide users with positive reinforcement.

5). Recovery Box

Recovery Box is a 12-Step focused application that’s available on Android and Apple technology. The application is designed to help people on their recovery journey by providing quotes from AA meetings and by providing users with a virtual sponsor. This virtual sponsor can help people remain sober and talk people out of situations where drinking is convenient. While the application has other benefits like a sobriety calendar, the virtual sponsor is the most unique.

Recovery Box is also one of the most popular apps for addiction recovery. It has over 100,000 downloads and maintains a rating of 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store. While some users report glitches, many people claim that it helps with Recovery and is one of the better apps available. Among critics the reception of the app is positive.

6). Sober Grid

Sober Grid is a social networking app that functions as a social media platform. The application is available for Apple and Android devices and connects people who are living sober lives. Users can communicate with one another, make friends, and even schedule sober events. Sober Grid is like Twitter and Instagram for people who are focused on living sober lives.

While Sober Grid is a helpful app, some critics claim that it’s too personal and that the application is glitchy or laggy at times. These problems make it less effective than some other apps but it still maintains a Google Play rating of 3.7 stars, which is above average. It’s also one of the most popular addiction treatment apps with over 100,000 downloads.

7). Joe & Charlie

Joe & Charlie is an application that breaks down the Big Book of AA, which includes principles about sobriety and why living a sober life is important. The application provides users the ability to listen to Joe & Charlie break down chapters from the AA Big Book, which is useful for newcomers to the Alcoholics Anonymous lifestyle. The app has several features like saving tracks, recording parts of the book, and the ability to share chapters with friends.

Joe & Charlie is one of the highest-rated addiction recovery applications. It has a Google Play rating of 4.8 stars (based on 4,000 reviews), which is a big sample size. Joe & Charlie also has over 100,000 downloads and is available for Android and IOS.

8). Sober Time

Sober Time is a well-rounded application that has over 500,000 downloads and maintains a rating of 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store. This number is significant because it was based on reviews from over 200,000 people. Therefore, Sober Time is a popular app that many people love to use. It’s been around for a few years and the developers actively update the platform.

Sober Time is designed to count the days of sobriety. For each day someone does not have an alcoholic beverage the clock goes up, which is encouraging because it shows recovering alcoholics’ results each day. Sober Time also has some other features and can save data. That said, critics claim that it has too many advertisements.

9). Simple Habit

Simple Habit is a free app that’s designed to help people with sleep and meditation. The app is designed to help people by building habits that can be used every day. It’s one of the most popular apps on the app store and has over 1 million users. It also maintains ratings of 4.7 stars on Google Play and continues to trend in the right direction.

While Simple Habit is a great app, it’s not specifically designed for alcoholism. That said, you can use what the app teaches and apply it to other areas of your life like addiction and alcoholism. The application also has several additional features available but they require a premium membership. Premium memberships are not free and cost $59.99 per year.

10). I Am

I Am is a simple app that provides users with daily affirmations. These are quotes and other resources that make people feel better about their situations. The application provides people with these affirmations by giving them notifications on their mobile device or computer. I Am has been downloaded by over 1 million people and has a Google Play rating of 4.8 stars, which is among the highest-rated apps.

I Am is a great application for being in a good mood and getting the affirmations someone needs. While I Am is a great application for general affirmations, it’s not specifically for alcoholism and addiction. That said, people who suffer from substance abuse benefit from the positive reinforcement from the application each day.

11). Better Help

Better Help is one of the most popular therapy apps available. There are sessions available for many mental health conditions and people can always get the help they need. Better Help has been around for several years and has maintained good reviews and popularity. There are over 1 million downloads and it has a rating of 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store.

Better Help also gives users the ability to connect with therapists in a personal way. The app connects users with licensed mental health professionals through text messages and calling, which makes it convenient to use any time. While the app is great, critics have noted that it can get expensive.

How Alcohol Addiction Recovery Apps Help for Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol Addiction Addiction apps help for alcohol addiction by providing people with motivation and tracking tools. Alcoholism and addiction applications use features that make it easy to note how many days someone has been sober for. The apps can also motivate users by giving them notifications on their smartphones with motivational messages and uplifting quotes.

Is It Easy to Use Alcohol Addiction Recovery Apps?

Yes, it’s easy to use alcohol addiction recovery apps. Using these apps doesn’t require any background knowledge and all you need is a smartphone or laptop with the Google Play Store or Apple Store. While some apps are more complicated, like ones that assign people therapists, even those apps are easy to use once you get the hang of it.

What to Consider When Using Alcohol Addiction Recovery Apps

When using an alcohol addiction recovery app there are a few things you need to consider before downloading it. First and foremost, addiction recovery apps should never be used as a primary method of alcoholism treatment to quit drinking alcohol. Instead, these apps should be used as companion treatment modalities.

Moving on, addiction recovery apps need to be reliable. If you’re using a sober timer to track how many days you’ve been sober, the last thing you want is for the clock to reset randomly. Another factor to consider is the app’s ratings in the app store. You don’t want to download any apps that have less than 4 stars.

Are Addiction Recovery Apps Motivational?

Yes, addiction recovery apps are motivational. While not all addiction recovery apps are motivational, many of them are. Apps that are motivational provide users with positive reinforcement, which is how they help people remain sober or empowered. Apps share positive reinforcement by providing users with quotes, sayings, phrases, and goals.

What are Other Features that Addiction Recovery Apps Provide Apart From Tracking?

Addiction recovery apps can do more than track. Some addiction recovery apps provide users with unique features that challenge them to say sober. Some examples include how addiction recovery apps provide people with goals to reach, motivational quotes to read, and even people to connect with. There is an addiction recovery app that can serve as a companion to any treatment modality.