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10 Must-Listen Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Podcasts


Author: Thomas Roth

Last Updated: 8/17/2022

Alcoholism (alcohol abuse disorder) is a condition that impacts millions of people around the world. The condition causes people to lose loved ones, become addicted to other substances, and lose their life. Alcoholism treatment is carried out in many ways but traditional treatment modalities aren’t always enough. For this reason, listening to alcoholism podcasts can provide more help for people.

1). That Sober Guy Podcast

That Sober Guy Podcast is one of the top podcasts for alcoholism and has been since 2014. The podcast is produced by Shane Ramer. Ramer is someone who had to recover from alcoholism addiction, which makes the podcast relatable for those who go through the recovery process. The main idea of the podcast is to have people speak about their experiences with alcoholism.

That Sober Guy Podcast is one of the most popular alcoholism podcasts because of how it helps people. Having people on the show who speaks from experience make it relatable and easy to follow. While it only has a runtime of about an hour per episode, the content is powerful.

2). Busy Living Sober

Busy Living Sober is produced by Elizabeth Chance. Chance is someone well-known in the addiction recovery industry. There are over 250 episodes and the podcast is one of the most popular in the alcoholism genre. The host has several special guests on the show and focuses on topics like alcoholism and how being sober is the better choice.

Busy Living Sober’s main idea is about how being sober is the best way to live life. The podcast has an average runtime of about an hour and can be found on several streaming platforms. Some notable platforms include Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts. Chance provides evidence-based research on the show as well.

3). ODAAT Chat Podcast

The ODAAT Chat Podcast (One Day at a Time Podcast) is about alcoholism and addiction. The podcast focuses on the steps it takes to recover from addiction and how long the process takes. ODAAT Chat Podcast’s main theme is to show people that it’s easier to handle addiction one day at a time. The podcast handles alcoholism by bringing on special guests and focusing on how to manage addiction treatment.

The ODAAT Chat Podcast runs for about an hour on average. Some episodes can reach over an hour and a half long; it depends on the guests. The podcast began in June of 2016, which is when the first episode was released. The podcast has won many awards and can be found on many streaming platforms. Some examples include, Audible, and Chartable. ODAAT Chat Podcast is produced by Arlina.

4). A Sober Girls Guide

A Sober Girls Guide is a podcast about women’s recovery. The main idea of the podcast is to help women recover from alcoholism and other types of substance abuse. A Sober Girls Guide is one of the most popular resources for women in recovery and there is also a website and blog. These platforms include more options for women to recover and a network that women can use as addiction resources.

A Sober Girls Guide has an average runtime of about an hour depending on the episode. The podcast features many guests and hosts but the primary host is Jessica Jeboult. Jeboult is well-known in the alcohol industry and has won several awards. The podcast can be found on the Sober Girls Guide website, Spotify, Apple, and Audible.

5). Transitions Daily Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Readings Podcast

Transitions Daily Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Readings Podcast is one of the shortest alcoholism podcasts around. While each podcast episode has a runtime under 30 minutes, the show tells the stories of people who recovered from alcoholism. The podcast also shows people how Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups work and how receptive they are to others. The main themes present within the podcast include quotes from AA groups.

Transitions Daily Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Readings Podcast has been around for a few years. The podcast began back in 2019 and is hosted by many people. There is no primary host because the podcast focuses on sharing quotes from AA groups, which happens often. It’s one of the most popular resources for alcoholism podcasts because there is a new episode and quote daily. Episodes can be found on the Transitions Daily Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Readings Podcast website and Audible.

6). The Recovery Show

The Recovery Show is one of the longest-running podcasts for alcoholism. The show has been around since 2012 and produces new episodes often. The podcast can be streamed on many platforms like iTunes. The Recovery Show has an average runtime of about an hour but that changes depending on who the host has on the podcast.

The Recovery Show is produced by several people and focuses on talking about the 12-Step process to recovery. Some main themes within the podcast include taking recovery day by day and finding others who support recovery. It’s a popular podcast and maintains good ratings on platforms like Audible and Google Play.

7). The Way Out | A Sobriety and Recovery Podcast

The Way Out | A Sobriety and Recovery Podcast is an alcoholism-related podcast hosted by more than one individual. The podcast is hosted by Charlie and Jason who are people with a lot of alcoholism experience. Both men focus on their personal experiences and the experiences of others to talk about addiction and how it damages lives. The main point of the podcast is to speak out against alcohol and addiction and to make it more well-known to the public.

The Way Out | A Sobriety and Recovery Podcast has been around for a few years and the average runtime of each episode is about an hour long. The time varies depending on who is on the podcast. The Way Out | A Sobriety and Recovery Podcast handles alcoholism in the way it should be, which is a balance between hopelessness and hopefulness.

8). Addiction Unlimited Podcast

The Addiction Unlimited Podcast is a podcast hosted by Angela Pugh. Pugh is a life coach who helps people with addiction, work, money, and everything else. Her life coach experience helps with addiction because she teaches about the steps necessary to live a sober life. The main point of the podcast is to have faith and hope in yourself, regardless of where you are on the road to recovery.

The Addiction Unlimited Podcast has been around for several years and has become popular since its creation. It can be found on platforms like Spotify. Episodes have a runtime of about 30 minutes per episode and a new episode is released on a weekly basis. Several guests have appeared on the podcast but Pugh likes to focus on her own words.

9). The Bubble Hour

The Bubble Hour is a weekly podcast that focuses on addiction, alcoholism, and addiction recovery. The podcast can be watched on Spotify, Apple, and on the Bubble Hour website. The Bubble Hour is hosted by Jean McCarthy. McCarthy is someone who went through the process of recovering from addiction, so he speaks from experience. The average runtime of each episode is about an hour.

The Bubble Hour’s main theme is how addiction is different for everyone. This is why McCarthy has guests on the show often. The guests share their experiences as a way to relate to others. While the podcast isn’t an AA group, McCarthy’s mission is to make it feel like one for those who need it. The Bubble Hour website has episodes dating back to April of 2020.

10). I’m Quitting Alcohol

I’m Quitting Alcohol is an alcoholism podcast that specifically focuses on alcohol and alcohol addiction. The podcast can be found on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Audible, Podbay, and Apple. I’m Quitting Alcohol has been around for several years and each episode has an average runtime of about 15 minutes. I’m Quitting Alcohol is not one of the longer podcasts and focuses more on short and simple quotes, points, and words of motivation.

I’m Quitting Alcohol focuses on short episodes with a lot of meaning. While the content is short, the message is about how quitting alcohol is possible and attainable for anyone who wants to try it. The podcast has been around for several years and has become popular for its short-form content. Critics have good things to say about the podcast and believe it’s a good resource for those who are seeking recovery.

Why is a Podcast Useful for Staying Sober?

Podcasts are useful for staying sober because people can watch long-form conversations about alcoholism and what it does. Podcasts offer useful information about alcoholism prevention, alcoholism treatment, and how to find treatment options. These podcasts can also help people relate to the content because podcasts are more personal than movies and other media.

Podcasts can also have guests on the show to speak about their experiences. This can help people in a similar way to AA groups, which help people recover from addiction through peer support and shared experiences.

Is Alcohol Recovery Podcast a Genre of Podcast?

Yes, alcohol recovery is a genre of podcast. While it’s a niche genre, dozens of podcasts focus on alcohol, alcohol addiction, and treatment modalities for alcohol abuse disorder (AUD). Some notable podcasts in the genre are The Bubble Hour and That Sober Guy Podcast. These podcasts focus on peer support, alcoholism, and recovering from addiction.

Are Alcohol Recovery Podcasts Free?

Alcohol Recovery podcasts are free but not all of them are free. Some free podcasts can be streamed on platforms like Spotify but there are advertisements during the show. An example of a free podcast is That Sober Guy Podcast and The Bubble Hour. These podcasts are free on platforms like Spotify and users don’t need to create an account or provide debit or credit card information.

Do Wives of Alcoholics Have a Podcast?

Yes, the wives of alcoholics have podcasts. Not every wife of an alcoholic has a podcast but there are some episodes on popular podcasts that feature the wives of alcoholics. One example is Sheri’s Story on Untoxicated. The podcast focuses on addiction and how alcoholism ruined the marriage between Sheri and her husband. Another example is the Wife of an Alcoholic Podcast, which is hosted by Julie Sanford.

Do Husbands of Alcoholics Have a Podcast?

Yes, Husbands of alcoholics have podcasts. While some husbands of alcoholics have podcasts, this isn’t the case for everyone. One example is That Sober Guy, who struggled with alcohol alongside his spouse. Many podcasts have the husbands of alcoholics on to speak about how it impacts life at home.

Can Someone Understand the Feeling of Being an Alcoholic from a Podcast?

Someone can understand the feeling of being an alcoholic from a podcast. There are many podcasts, like the ones mentioned above, that help people understand what it feels like to be an alcoholic. Moreover, people who are suffering from alcoholism can relate to the podcasts because of their experiences.

That said, watching a podcast is not the same as being an alcoholic. While someone might have an understanding of alcoholism from a podcast, it’s hard to put yourself in someone else’s situation. This is what makes it challenging to understand being an alcoholic if you’re not an alcoholic.

There are several long alcoholism-related podcasts. One of the longest is The Bubble Hour, which is hosted by Jean McCarthy. McCarthy uses the podcast to speak about her experiences with alcoholism and has several guests on to talk about their experiences. The time of each episode varies but some have been longer than an hour and a half.

Another podcast with a long runtime is That Sober Guy Podcast. While it’s shorter than The Bubble Hour, the podcast has an average runtime of an hour. Each episode differs in length depending on who is on the show. In episodes with guests, the podcast can be longer than an hour and a half. Some other long podcasts include The Addicted Mind, and Addiction Unlimited.

Who are the Alcoholism Podcast Owners?

Alcoholism podcasts are owned and operated by several people. Some of these individuals include:

  • Jean McCarthy
  • Elizabeth Chase
  • Angela Pugh
  • Charlie and Jason
  • Paul Churchill
  • Jessica Jeboult

These are a few of the most popular alcoholism podcast owners.

Are Movies Better than Podcasts for Alcoholism Themes?

Movies are not better than podcasts for alcoholism themes. Alcoholism movies have great alcoholism themes and a lot of emotional content. While these themes can connect with people, podcasts are more personal than movies because of the people on the podcasts. People on podcasts can speak about personal experiences while movies are designed to tell stories. While stories are helpful, they’re not as helpful as podcasts.

Do Documentaries Have Their Own Podcasts?

Yes, some documentaries have podcasts. When a documentary has a podcast it’s typically someone from the documentary who has the podcast. If a documentary follows a specific story or person, that individual might have their own podcast. Most documentaries don’t run podcasts alongside documentaries because most of the content is included in the alcoholism documentary.