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5 Reasons to Switch From Alcohol To Tea

Author: Kevin Olsen

Last Updated: 10/06/2022

Tea is a healthy replacement for people who like to drink alcohol. Many individuals drink alcohol as a way to relieve stress. Alcohol is not a safe stress reliever because it is very addictive when used for coping. Tea is a great option to relax the body and studies have shown that it can help with alcohol detox. In fact, some of the best alcohol detox strategies use tea.

Herbal Teas and green teas are beneficial for cleansing the body of alcohol. Drinking tea instead of alcohol has so many benefits. Decaffeinated tea lowers stress and anxiety, and it can calm and balance the body overall. The temperature, taste, and ingredients can be comforting to individuals who need a safe and effective way to relax. For more reasons why to switch from alcohol to tea, continue reading.

1. Tea As An Alcohol Substitute

There are several different reasons why someone may make the switch from alcohol to tea. One reason for the substitution is to cause distress. Alcohol is a common drink to have with or after dinner as a way to alleviate the day’s stressors. This can become a poor habit if not done with precaution. Decaf tea has been proven to calm the body down and is a great way to prepare for bedtime. Flavors such as lavender and chamomile release positive stimuli to the brain.

2. Tea has Similar Effects as Alcohol Drinks

Another reason someone might make the switch from alcohol to tea is that it can be used for its caffeine. Caffeinated tea is a beneficial way to wake up the mind. Just like alcohol, caffeine is a drug. Drinking a lot of caffeine results in increasing heart rate, which is a similar effect that alcohol can give. Black tea is a good option to get through the day if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

3. Tea has a Negative Impact on our Health

Though tea has many benefits, it can have negatives. If someone suffers from anxiety or daily stress, caffeinated tea can add to those feelings. Decaf tea is a better option for people with mental health struggles. Tea has also been shown to sometimes cause an upset stomach. It can be digested incorrectly for people who have daily stomach issues. Caffeinated tea also leads to a lack of sleep if consumed too close to bedtime.

4. Tea Is An Excellent Meditative Aid

Meditation allows for the mind and all of your muscles to be at ease. Warm tea has similar benefits. When tea is used as a meditative aid it can make those feelings even stronger. Tea consumed before, after, or even during meditation has been shown to create a deep level of relaxation. When full relaxation is achieved it can open up the mind to be more productive and to achieve more tasks during the day. It can also help with better sleep habits.

5. Tea is a Cheaper Option

Tea is a better option than alcohol for health reasons but it’s also a cheaper option. Replacing alcohol with tea allows for more money in your pocket. Packs of tea can be found at the dollar store whereas alcohol tends to be pricey, especially if consumed daily. Tea has similar impacts to alcohol and is less expensive, making it the better option. This is a strong reason why someone would make the switch.

What are the Tea Alternatives to Alcohol?

There are several alternatives to alcohol. Alcohol alternatives help people reduce their intake of alcoholic beverages. Some alcohol alternatives will also help someone stop drinking alcohol.

Below we list the alternatives to alcohol.

  1. Kombucha
  2. Tea Mocktails
  3. Tea Soda
  4. Fresh Chilled Iced Tea
  5. Gongfu Tea 
  6. Green Tea Shot

Learn more about these alcohol alternatives below.

1. Kombucha

Kombucha is a bubbly, sweetened tea that is known for its health benefits. Some positives about kombucha are that it has been shown to help with weight loss, digestive problems, and heart health.

There are some negatives to kombucha that studies have found. Kombucha has been found to form unhealthy germs if made incorrectly. In extreme cases, it has caused abdominal harm and unknown reactions. There are several different ways to make kombucha but the main ingredient is usually black tea. In most cases, kombucha is made with herbs, fruit, and a variety of flavorings.

2. Tea Mocktails

A tea mocktail is a great way for someone to feel that they are having an alcoholic beverage. Tea mocktails are usually made with seltzers and different kinds of juices. These drinks are very beneficial for people who are trying to stop drinking alcohol. They look and taste very similar to a cocktail, making them a great alternative.

Tea mocktails make the transition from alcohol to tea less challenging without the concern of becoming addictive. Unfortunately, they often contain a lot of sugar, making them a poor choice for diabetics or for people who need to watch their glucose intake.

3. Tea Soda

A tea soda is a combination of alcohol and soda with different sugary additives. Tea soda is comparable to tea mocktails. Tea soda is another great choice for people who want to make the switch from alcohol to tea. They have a comparable taste to fruity alcoholic drinks without the harm or hangover the next morning. Tea soda also contains large amounts of sugar.

4. Flash Chill Iced Tea

Flash chill iced tea is when regular hot tea is put over ice. It can be had just as is, but Many enjoy it with creamer and or sweetener. This drink has been shown to lower stress levels and strengthen the heart. Just like any tea, drinking an abundance could potentially cause an upset stomach.

5. Gongfu Tea

Gongfu tea is a tea known for its skill and teachings. The tea is given through a Chinese service to represent awareness. The gongfu tea representation is a great message for people who want to make the switch from alcohol to tea. When a person is consuming alcohol they must be aware of their intake, as it is addictive and can be dangerous. 

Gongfu tea allows for the ability to enjoy it without worry. Gongfu tea is a healthy option for individuals who have heart health concerns. It has a very small amount of salt, unlike most commonly consumed beverages. A con to gongfu tea is not strong in taste. Many people who drink this tea often add flavoring, making it not as healthy.

6. Green Tea Shot

A green tea shot is usually a shot made with whiskey and fruity flavoring. Something beneficial about this shot is that it can be made non-alcoholic and just as delicious. Taking the non-alcoholic shot helps with the transition of limiting alcohol, as it will give a similar effect. Green tea shots give energy comparable to alcohol jitters. A negative factor about drinks made with green tea is that some people experience reflux after consumption.

What are the Effects of Tea on Alcohol Withdrawal?

Tea is a helpful drink to have on hand for someone experiencing alcohol withdrawal. The herbs found in tea are proven to calm the nervous system. The nervous system is what becomes heightened when alcohol withdrawal begins. Certain warm teas like chamomile also help to relax the stomach. Stomach pain can also be a symptom of someone going through alcohol withdrawal.

What are the Advantages of Substituting Tea for Alcohol?

Switching from tea to alcohol is healthier overall. Alcohol can cause severe harm to the body. Alcohol abuse can lead to disease and cancer. Tea is a safe option that can be consumed every day without worry. Tea has health benefits that are beneficial for calming the body with its decaffeinated option.

Caffeinated tea is also a wonderful option for a nice energy boost that many people need to get through their busy days.

What are the Studies About Switching from Alcohol to Tea?

Studies show that switching from alcohol to tea has so many benefits. One study from the Annals of Internal Medicine found that consuming tea reduces the desire to drink alcoholic beverages.

Tea also helps to decompress the muscles throughout the body including the brain. When the switch is made the worry of disease, harm, toxins, and addictive tendencies are severely decreased. Tea helps individuals to alleviate pain and discomfort, physically and mentally.

Is Tea Good for Alcoholics?

Tea is good for alcoholics because it can give similar effects. Decaffeinated tea also lowers stress and anxiety, and it can calm and balance the body overall. This is a feeling that many alcoholics crave and a reason why many begin to drink. Another reason alcoholics drink is that they want to have fun and erase the struggles they may be facing. 

Drinking a lot of caffeine results in hyping up your body, a similar effect that alcohol gives. Tea also helps to cleanse the body when alcohol detox occurs.

Does Alcohol Interact with L-Theanine?

Alcohol and L-theanine have been proven to interact beneficially. L-theanine allows for alcohol to digest easier. Many people use it to help limit the severity of a hangover. L-theanine is an ingredient in many teas, which is why tea is a good option for alcohol detox.

Can Tea Sober You Up?

No. Tea does not sober you up but it can help with the negative effects that alcohol has on your body. Tea can help eliminate feelings of nausea and headache that come along with a hangover. Tea is a helpful way to cleanse your body and a better beverage to make the switch to.