is more than just a website. We’re a community of professionals dedicated to helping you or your loved one understand alcoholism, how to recover from it, and how to prevent it. Most importantly, we’re here for you.

Our Mission

The mission is a simple one. Our goal is to educate people, bring awareness to treatment options, and help you find the perfect treatment option in your area.


First and foremost, we want to teach everyone about alcohol abuse and how it happens. We’re focused on educating people about the early stages of alcohol abuse disorder (AUD), how the condition progresses, and how to remain sober when treatment subsides.

Our content is developed and edited by professionals but we don’t stop there. We also have licensed mental health professionals who review our content, making us the best source for alcoholism education on the internet.


There are many treatment options for alcoholism, which makes it challenging to find the right option for you. We have information available for inpatient care, outpatient treatment, detox, and even the medications people use to help with detox. While there are many options available, it’s important to consult with your insurance provider to make sure you’re eligible for potential treatment options

Finding Help

One of the most important parts of fighting alcoholism is making sure people have access to the care they need

That’s why we have our team of writers and editors consult with regional addiction treatment centers to find the best options in each city. To rank each addiction treatment center we use a strict ranking system and verification process to verify things like:

  • Insurance options
  • The cost
  • Who the treatment center treats
  • Addiction treatment modalities
  • Mental health treatment modalities
  • Criteria for co-occurring disorders
  • The size of the program
  • The type of program
  • And more!

When it comes to finding help, we want the best for you and your family.